The Five Sisters - Fluffy, Funny and Fabulous: The Tale of Five Sisters
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Welcome to our World and our Book !!!               
When the five sisters get together, we always come back to our memories of growing up. Our ages span nearly twenty years, so our memories are oftentimes very different. This creates some interesting dialogue. One sister starts out a story, and the others soon chime in with their version.
Over a year ago Ruth and Anita were sitting around joking that the sisters should write  a book.   So began our  journey.
Our book is the true story of five sisters from the small farming community of Virgil, Illinois. Chuckle with us as we share childhood adventures. Reminisce with us as we  each tell our  own stories of small-town life during a quieter time.
 Also share with us the realization that our Mom  and Dad are getting older and will not be with us forever.
We hope that  Fluffy, Funny, and Fabulous will leave you either wishing you could be a part of our family or deeply appreciating the family you were blessed with.


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Fluffy, Funny, and Fabulous: A Tale of Five Sisters
The official trailer for Fluffy, Funny, and Fabulous: A Tale of Five Sisters by Anita Lewis, Vicki Foley, Linda Tarmichael , Ruth Kenyon and Helen Landrum, Tate Publishing authors.
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Fluffy, Funny, and Fabulous: A Tale of Five Sisters

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